Welcome to HungryCumbrians.com!

The first post of any blog is always very awkward, but it still has to be done so here we go…

Hungry Cumbrians is a food blog dedicated to the Lake District and the rest of Cumbria aiming to showcase restaurants and cafes in the area, as well as the amazing local producers we have on our doorstep. Basically, if it’s to do with food and Cumbria, we want to know about it.

For now we’d like to keep our identity a bit of a secret, but we are a couple born and raised in the Lake District that are willing to try anything on a plate at least once, and love a dirty burger as much as a high-end restaurant.

We have a presence on Facebook and on Instagram too. Lots of local places seem to have a presence on Twitter, so we’ll be joining that soon too.

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