Venison & Cranberry Sausage Roll from Stock Ghyll Fine Food, Ambleside

I have found myself popping into Stock Ghyll Fine Food quite regularly, it’s been a great addition to the foodie scene in Ambleside since opening earlier this year in the space previously held by Whittaker’s news agents.

I was picking up some bread (supplied by More? in Staveley) and cheese when I saw a stack of venison and cranberry sausage rolls on top of the chiller display cabinet. It was a total impulse buy at £1.30, with it being venison I’d have expected it to come in around the £2 mark, so that was a pleasant surprise. I was going to eat it in the car (I’d had a small breakfast, don’t judge me), but the pastry was quite delicate and flaky, so it received a stay of execution until I got home. The pastry is light, crisp and very flaky (many crumbs will end up on your plate), but still with that pleasingly soft pastry sitting next to the meat to provide a lovely textural contrast when you’re biting through.

The meat was quite strongly flavoured, but when I buy venison guess what I want to taste? Venison. The cranberry aspect is a classic combination and it works well here as expected.

Good to see them trying something different from the usual sausage roll and it’s nice to pop in and see what’s new and different, that kind of product rotation will keep me coming back for me and getting tempted by tasty treats.

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