Breakfast at Homeground Cafe, Windermere

Please do let me apologise for the phone images in this post (which seems to be becoming something of a theme on Hungry Cumbrians), a lot of my cafe/restaurant trips tend to be a bit impromptu so I don’t take my DSLR with me. I actually visited a couple of months ago, but after seeing their Cumbria Life Food Award nomination I thought it was time to drop a quick review.

I’ve driven past Homeground in Windermere (found next to “My Local”, formerly Morrisons) and almost every time I’ve had the same reaction, “this place looks a bit too cool to be in Windermere.” Stepping inside the cafe to what feels like a modern ski-lodge my judgement remains the same, it’s a bit cool, but I like it and the wodd-burning stove adds a certain welcoming homeliness to the space.

As you may well have guessed from the image above I opted for the waffles with crispy bacon and whipped cream. I’ve been on a bit of a waffle kick recently, when you buy a waffle maker all of a sudden you try and waffle everything (much like in this video from ChefSteps). Sandwiches, grated potato, scrambled eggs, Japanese gyoza, all great options for waffling, creating crisp pockets that can be filled with sauce whilst still having a soft interior. I’m sure a burger could work well but I question if the iron gets hot enough for getting a crust on the burger before the interior is too well done. Anyway, I’m getting off topic.

I really cannot fault the waffle at Homeground, it’s crisp, it’s soft, it’s smothered in maple syrup in the most delicious way possible, and it’s well presented. Partnered with some nice and crispy (proper) bacon and that buttery whipped cream you’ve got a rich breakfast treat, but in a portion size that doesn’t leave me hating myself when I step out the door.

Drinks-wise, I’m not a coffee drinker, but judging by their Instagram feed owners Rich and Jane are obsessed with coffee and have spent a lot of time testing and sourcing their coffee. I can only assume it tastes good, but I do at least know it smelled good! Otherwise there are all the standards available, and beer on tap from Hawkshead brewery.

If there’s one complaint I’ve heard from people about Homeground it’s the pricing, so I was expecting a bit of a shock when I got the menu (can you expect a shock?). Nothing appeared to be overpriced in my opinion, and considering the quality level it all seemed reasonable, which is actually quite annoying because now I can’t think of anything to complain about, and every good food blogger needs something small to obsess over and act like it’s a big deal. Oh well, maybe next time.

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