Kendal Takeaway Menus

We moved to Kendal in 2018 and realised it’s annoying to keep lots of takeaway menus in your kitchen drawer (that drawer we all have which also has some old batteries and rubber bands in it), so we made Kendal Takeaway Menus!

Kendal Takeaway Menus is a new website designed to make it easy for locals and tourists to be able to get up to date menus for local takeaways without having to rely on old printed menus that might be out of date, or just guessing at what is available when you ring up the takeaway.

The site is a little bit bare-bones at the moment as listings are still being created, updated, and filled-in, but you can see already how this will be a valuable resource for people in Kendal. Each listing has the menu, contact details, location, and additional information such as whether they delivery and what payment methods they accept.

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